I only stop at Autogrill

For business or pleasure, on your own or in company, your stop-off designed for taste, wellbeing and relaxation awaits you at Autogrill, the world’s leading provider of foodservice for travellers.

Holidays begin at Autogrill

la vacanza inizia in autogrill


“Holidays begin at Autogrill,” say the Italians when about to set off for the sun. And if they’re coming home from abroad, they have this ritual of stopping at the first Autogrill inside the border to “have a real espresso again” and finally be able to say “we’re home”.
After the coffee, the Autogrill market is always a surprise, with products from the surrounding territory and formats not available in other stores.

These and many other Autogrill moments in life have been immortalized in dozens of films, including “Il sorpasso”, “Pane e tulipani”, “Bianco, Rosso e Verdone”. Because when you travel in Italy, sooner or later you’ll stop off at an Autogrill.


la vacanza inizia in autogrill 2 (1)

The Group

il gruppo

Autogrill is the leading provider of food & beverage services for travellers. By careful monitoring of consumer trends, we are able to offer high standards of excellence and fully satisfy the continually evolving needs of our customers with a broad portfolio of international and local concepts and brands, both proprietary and licensed. In 2023, we became part of Avolta, the leading global travel experience player operating in 73 countries and over 1,000 locations, with more than 5,100 points of sale across three segments – travel retail, food & beverage and convenience – and various channels, including airports, motorways, cruises ferries, railway, border shops and downtown.

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Our numbers

more than 400
points of sale
of which:
more than 200
more than 100
railway station
high street
trade fair and shopping centre
120 million
cups of coffee a year
150 million
customers served a year

Our story

la nostra storia

Our story began decades ago, in the ‘40s. Travel back in time with us and discover how the stop-off that changed the Italians’ way of travelling has changed over the years.

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Our values

Wherever we are in the world, we all have the same objective: to be well and ensure our travellers are well. Passion, open minds, rapidity, reliability and simplicity are the values that guide us in our work.

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