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If you prefer to contact us directly, send us an email to informazioni@autogrill.net or call the toll-free number 800.069.069

My Autogrill, our loyalty program with exclusive benefits and promotions.
And Invito, reserved to truckers and Group Service for coach drivers and tourist guides.

You can sign up on the My Autogrill App or on the myautogrill.it website, by simply entering the required data in the mandatory fields, creating a password and accepting the compulsory consents. In just a few minutes you can start enjoying the dedicated advantages and exclusive offers reserved for My Autogrill members.

My Autogrill cards and the App are valid in all Autogrill branded snack bars and restaurants, but also in other exclusive outlets, such as: Amore, Ciao, La Fucina, Spizzico, Burger In, Motta, Granbar, Puro Gusto, Saporè. Check the map on the My Autogrill App. Excluded are Panino Giusto, KFC, Burger King Milano Piazza Duomo, Fiera Milano, Eni Cafè, Temakinho, Palma's, Eataly Fiumicino and Workeat.

For each transaction in one of our stores you will earn 3 points for every 1€ spent at the bar, restaurant and market. The points update can take up to 15 minutes after the purchase. If a receipt is cancelled, there will be no points collected.

You can collect 10 points extra by entering your date of birth, 10 points by entering your telephone number and 10 points by filling in all profile data. Points are only awarded the first time you enter your information and not for any future changes.

Points will expire on the 15/02/2024 and can be collected until the 31/01/2024. Catalog prizes will be bookable until 15/02/2024 and must be redeemed by 15/03/2024.

You have to enter the 16-digit number on the back of the card in your possession in the "My Cards" section on the myautogrill.it website or on the My Autogrill App.

In the event of theft or loss of your My Autogrill card, you should contact our Customer Care Service at the number 800 069 069, via the form on the website or by e-mail at informazioni@autogrill.net, to receive the necessary support.

In the App or website’s homepage, you can find a list of promotions you can take advantage of in our Stores.

On the Homepage, in the App or in your personal area on myautogrill.it, you will see coloured the rewards you can reserve based on the points you have available. Click on the "+", choose the quantity and then confirm, the points will be deducted immediately and the prize will be deducted the first time you buy the chosen item.

Select "Redeem code" from the homepage on the website or from the drop down menu on the App. Enter the code and click on "Verify". After the confirmation message you will see the valid promo in your Promotions summary.

You can find the nearest store by clicking on the location icon on the App, or by using the following link on our official website https://www.autogrill.it/en/where-we-are/ .

On the App, in the drop down menu on the top right corner, by clicking on the voice “Click&Good”. Select your nearest shop, place your order online, pay and pick up your purchase at the shop, skipping the queue.

You can find them here.

You can delete your account from the drop-down menu under 'My Profile' by clicking on 'Delete Account'. Please note: all your data, points and rewards will be deleted and can no longer be retrieved.

It’s possible to contact our Stores by finding their number on the attached file AUTOGRILL STORES and ask all the necessary questions to know if your item was found.

Group Service is a My Autogrill program reserved for Bus drivers (in possession of a D, D1, D+E, D1+E driving license) and tour guides (in possession of a professional identification badge) who accompany groups of at least 10 people inside of Autogrill stores.

Simply log into your personal area and select 'Group Service - Activate Now' in the 'Services and Programs' section from the drop-down menu on the App or the home on the website. By correctly following the steps suggested on the website, the request will reach our team for validation, and if everything is correct, the service will be activated.

In the event of theft or loss of your Group Service card, you should contact our Customer Care Service at the number 800 069 069, via the form on the website or by e-mail at informazioni@autogrill.net, to receive the necessary support.

For each stop in one of our Stores, accompanying a group of at least 10 people, you are entitled to a free meal for one person at the bar or restaurant. You can find the complete regulation here.

It is a service dedicated to truckers who are in possession of a type C driving license.

To activate Invito Card for truckers, simply log into your personal area, go to "Services and Programs" from the drop-down menu and select "Invito Card - Activate Now". By entering the 16-digit number on the back of the card in the "Card Number" section, it will activate the service and you can immediately take advantage of the reserved discounts.

Invito for Truckers offers its members a 30% discount at Ciao, La Fucina and AMORE restaurants; a 20% discount at Snack Bars, a 20% discount on purchases at the Market (excluding books, tobacco, stamps, newspapers and magazines, lottery ticket, Bluvia tickets, phone recharges, Swiss and Slovenian vignette, Viacards and products with 'Prezzi wow').

A-Booking is Autogrill's booking service for groups of at least 10 participants, dedicated to tourism operators and those who organize trips, travel agencies, tour operators, schools, sports teams, associations and many others.

By contacting the dedicated service at bookingservice@autogrill.net, via the form or by calling the dedicated number 800.800.001, you will receive support from our team for your booking reservations. All necessary information will be provided, selecting the menu and the best store for the organized reception of the group. We recommend sending your request at least 72 hours in advance.

The accepted types of payment are credit/debit card, cash or bank transfer to be paid within 30 days of the invoice issue date.

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My Autogrill e-Invoicing service for easy and safe electronic invoicing.

E-invoicing is the dedicated and free service for invoice requests. You will be able to request an invoice by showing the Qr Code at the till, before the payment.

*Service available only for Italian clients with Italian tax data.

To activate E-Invoicing you must sign up on My Autogrill. By simply clicking on 'Services and Programs' from the drop-down menu on the app or from the home on the website, and selecting ‘E-Invoicing - Activate Now’. By entering all your data and saving, you will receive your invoices in pdf format at the email used at the registration and an updated monthly summary.

In your personal area, on the website or on the App, there is always the possibility to update your personal information by clicking on the “Modify” button on the E-invoicing section.

You can request an invoice after the receipt has been issued by contacting our Customer Care Service at informazioni@autogrill.net by sending a photo of the receipt and complete tax data no later than 12 days after the purchase. If the request is made after the specified time frame, the invoice can no longer be issued.

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Are you an Autogrill employee? You can send your request to servizi.dipendente@autogrill.net (using the company email address, if currently employed) or you can contact call the help desk service at 02.48263000.


Can’t find the answer you need? Let us know your question here.