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Our services

Travelling without the hassle

We have a wide range of services answering all your needs: from electronic invoices to services designed for businesses.

Electronic invoicing

e invoicing

e-Invoicing is our electronic invoicing service. It’s very simple to activate: you just register with My Autogrill and you’ll always have all your account details to hand and be able to receive digital invoices and a monthly list.


Autogrill for Truckers

autogrill for truckers

We have lots of services designed for the needs of truck drivers, who are always on the go:

  • discounts and promotion with Carta Invito, our programme for truck drivers already registered with My Autogrill;
  • showers;
  • wide parking for trucks in certain Autogrills, provided by the motorway operators;
  • dedicated products in our Markets;
  • fuel.
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Fido Parks

Fido park 1100x560

Fido Parks are dog areas in Autogrill service areas. They have running water and a gazebo for shade.
With this service, provided by some of our points of sale, we commit to making stop-offs in summer pleasant also for 4-legged friends accompanying their families on the motorway.
In our Villoresi Est area (A8, Milano-Varese), there is a specially large green area for dogs with agility courses enabling them to stretch their limbs and recharge during the stop-off.
On peak traffic weekends, thanks to collaboration with Frontline Combo, certain Fido Parks also offer a pet hospitality and surveillance service to give you greater peace of mind during your stop-off.

Dogs are also welcome inside our Autogrill points of sale, provided they’re on a lead and wearing a muzzle, as required by law.

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Products for celiacs

People who have special needs deserve special attention. To be able to serve sufferers of celiac disease too, we entered an agreement some years ago with the AIC (Associazione Italiana Celiachia), under whose “Alimentazione Fuori casa” (Eating Out) project all our restaurants offering no-gluten products are certified. This collaboration is vitally important for us as it enables us to learn how best to cater for celiac customers.
In all our bars, you can ask for no-gluten Magdalenas and in some of our restaurants there are single-potion no-gluten 1st courses and crispbread.

Find info on Autogrill points of sale in a paper copy of AIC’s guide, on their website (if you’re AIC registered) or on our map.


Click & Good

Click & Good is the Autogrill service that enables you to save time and avoid gatherings. You can order your products online and collect them at our pick-up point without having to queue.

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Showers, Baby Room and toilets

docce 1100x560

Our showers are bathrooms with everything needed for personal hygiene, a service specially designed for truck drivers and families on the move.

Designed for parents with babies, our Baby Rooms have a changing table and a top to rest stuff on and bottle warmers and microwave ovens, as well as a quiet reserved space for breastfeeding. There is also a baby-size bath and a play area to make their stop-off more fun.

No booking is needed for Autogrill showers or baby rooms.

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Agreements and partnerships


Want to obtain special rates for your employees or become a partner of Autogrill?

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For electric cars

Atg Immagine Sito Elettricar

Electric vehicles can be recharged thanks to the charging stations in some Autogrill stores. To make your stop more serene, you can consult our store locator and find the charging stations nearest to you.

This service is not operated directly by Autogrill, but by the relevant highway companies.

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