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After the cup, a new life for coffee

Has it ever occurred to you that having a quick coffee in a bar could be the start of another journey, another story, a new direction? It occurred to us, having served over 300 million coffees worldwide, of which 120 million in Italy alone, and the result was WASCOFFEE®, an open innovation project that explored the possibility of recycling one of the most symbolic raw materials in our business.

WASCOFFEE® is a 100% natural and recyclable material created by us at Autogrill using coffee-grounds recycled to make eco-design furnishings for our points of sale.



Positive environmental impactUn impatto

Using this innovative material helps reduce the environmental impact of furniture production in line with the EU’s Green Public Procurement criteria.

How it works

The coffee-grounds left by millions of travellers in certain Autogrill points of sales, as well as Puro Gusto and Bistrot, undergo a transformation process based on the principles of circular economy. Mixed with natural resins, they give rise to an innovative material, WASCOFFEE®, that can be used to make boards, panels, counters and tables at which other cups of coffee are served.
WASCOFFEE® won the “Environmental initiative of the Year” prize at the FAB Awards 2019.