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Autogrill for schools: Taste the future

Schools stop off at Autogrill

Autogrill opens the doors of its Company to the senior students of vocational schools in Italy with an orientation and presentation day, that also counts as PCTO (Programs for Soft Skills and Orientation), at its Autogrill points of sale throughout Italy.


Format: it is an orientation day in the world of Autogrill jobs illustrated by our employees and ‘tasted’ directly in the classrooms of the Autogrill Points of Sale or ofn the Vocational Schools. The aim is to:

  • provide the young people asttending their final year in Vocational Schools in Italy with a tool for orientation
  • illustrate our “jobs”: what it means to work at Autogrill’s points of sale and the career paths available
  • build a “bridge” between School and the Labour Market
  • open the Autogrill world to students


Classes of students attending their final year in Vocational Schools in Italy.


Accompanied by Autogrill managers and employees, the students will learn about:
Hour 1: Autogrill’s past, present and future
Hour 2: Offering and the excellence of Autogrill’s customer service
Hour 3: People Value and the career paths at our Points of Sale
Hour 4: Backstage: classroom activities divided into groups by concepts with visit to the PoS’s different spaces
To end the day appropriately, all participants will be invited to taste samples of our offering.


Autogrill’s “Assapora il Futuro” (Taste the Future) days, with schedule of choice from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or from 2 to 6 p.m., will be held at training classrooms of our Autogrill Points of Sale throughout Italy. The locations are 11 and each one can host classes of up to 30 students per class in each classroom. Should it be difficult to reach our PoS’s, it will be possible to have our initiative held at your school. If necessary, the trip by coach from the school to the Autogrill Point of Sale and back will be offered by Autogrill.

List of the Points of Sale in Italy where the Days will be held:

  1. Sede Autogrill di Rozzano oppure La Rotonda di Saronno oppure Villoresi Est
  2. Scaligera (Verona)
  3. Chianti (Firenze)
  4. Bevano Est (Cesena)
  5. Civitanova Nord (Macerata)
  6. Piani D’invrea Sud (Savona)
  7. Pisana Interna (Roma)
  8. Teano Est (Caserta)
  9. Baronissi Est (Salerno)
  10. Tremestieri (Messina)
  11. Tramatza Est (Oristano)


The classes at the Autogrill Points of Sale will be held throughout the school year.
The Vocational Schools interested in participating will be required to compile and send in the following form at least one month in advance, indicating the period in which they would like to attend, the name of the school and a phone contact.
Once the form has been processed, the schools will be contacted as soon as possible by our staff.

We look forward to meeting you!