Scorcio di un giardino urbano, con colonne bianche, rampicanti e vasi disposti verticalmente lungo le colonne.

Our commitment

This was the seed of Make it Happen, Autogrill’s Vision of sustainability based on concrete action, responsibility and commitment to generating a substantial, measurable impact on the three pillars concerns that guide all our decisions.

Make It Happen

We nurture People


We offer sustainable Food Experiences


We care for the Planet

We nurture People

Donna sorridente, vestita con una camicia a maniche corte azzurra, all’interno di un’azienda.

We’re a company of people who create products and services for other people. Human beings – our employees, customers, travellers – are at the centre of everything we do.


Engagement, development and talent retention

We promote the engagement of our people by listening to their needs and growing talents into tomorrow’s leaders.


Diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion

We encourage inclusion and diversity throughout our organization.


Customer experience

We offer travellers all over the world memorable experiences by satisfying their needs and constantly improving our service.

We offer sustainable Food Experiences

Una chef completa un secondo piatto con le guarnizioni.

We want to offer our consumers the widest choice of healthy, safe, quality products coming from a sustainable supply chain and thereby promote conscious eating styles.


Food quality and safety

We’re committed to guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety for all our products.


Product choice, nutrition and transparency

We encourage consumers to improve their knowledge of food products by supplying information and including plant-based and healthy options on our menus.


Responsible sourcing

We promote an ethical and sustainable supply chain by working with local producers and adopting responsible raw materials selection practices.

We care for the Planet

Foresta di bambù

We want to safeguard the environment by reducing our impact along the entire production process.


Waste management and packaging

We’re working to lower our impact by reducing use of virgin plastic in packaging and embracing the principles of circularity.


Energy, emissions and climate change

We plan to reduce our emissions by designing sustainable stores and spaces limiting our impact on the environment.


Food waste

We sustain food waste reduction across all the countries in which we operate.